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Alessandra Alvez Lima
Alessandra Alvez Lima

Gender: female

Eye Color: amber

Hair Color: black

Ethnicity: Latina

Country: Brazil

Alessandra Alvez is Muscle WOMAN and also a health and fitness icon from Brazil. She’s arrived for her one-of-a-kind appearances, which have earned her the label “beast in the charm.” There are many videos of Alessandra online, revealing her dedication and interest in her exercises.

When she first began training, Alessandra became impressed by the devices and equipment she contended her fingertips. She swiftly discovered the essentials of weight-lifting and began her quest to construct a terrific physique.

Month after month, Alessandra saw development in the mirror. Her toned legs and rock-hard abdominal muscles inspire her to push her progression even additionally.

She does not just encourage herself, overcoming her day-to-day obstacles, but likewise, her followers that are looking to come to be fit, healthy, and much more confident in their very own skin.

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