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Gender: female

Eye Color: amber

Hair Color: black

Ethnicity: White

Country: Russia

Official Site: Visit Site

Nataliya Kuznetsova is a Russian professional bodybuilder, also known by the nickname “Amazonka”. She was born on July 1, 1991, in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Nataliya Kuznetsova Amazonka is best known for her impressive physique and exceptional athletic strength.


Nataliya Kuznetsova started her sports career as a powerlifting athlete, where she quickly won titles and medals in national and international competitions. In 2014, she decided to turn to bodybuilding and began to participate in professional competitions.

She became famous for her impressive muscle mass, with extraordinarily developed muscles, especially in the arms, legs, and shoulders. Nataliya Kuznetsova is known for her imposing size and robust physique, which earned her the nickname “Amazonka”, which means “Amazon” in Russian.

In 2015, Nataliya Kuznetsova Amazonka won the Women’s World Bodybuilding Champion title in the “heavy” category (over 90 kg) she’s a massive female FBB  at the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). She has also won several other national and international titles in her weight class.

Outside of her bodybuilding career, Nataliya Kuznetsova is also a personal trainer and fitness influencer. She regularly shares her training, nutrition, and lifestyle on social media, where she has many followers and fans from around the world.

It is important to note that Nataliya Amazonka Kuznetsova has caused debate and controversy in the bodybuilding community due to her atypical physique and alleged use of anabolic steroids. However, she is considered one of the most recognizable and successful female bodybuilders of her generation, and she continues to inspire many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts around the world.

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